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Review: Motion Shoes and Chukka Boots

Chukka Boots compared to one year old Ranger Walking Boots

Today I received new shoes from Ethical Wares. Most of my vegan shoes are not water proof, so when it is raining I have been wearing my walking boots lately, which are not quiet office compatible (I have a day time job at a software company). So I ordered the Chukka Boots (currently with a […]

Review: Ranger Walking Boots

Ranger Walking Boots

Today I received my first pair of shoes from Ethical Wares in the UK. Ethical Wares is an ethically-based mail order company run by vegans who seek to trade in a manner which does not exploit animals, humans or the wider environment. For many years I have been buying shoes from Vegetarian Shoes but now […]

Vegan presents

With Christmas and other holidays approaching, you might be looking for a great pro-vegan and animal free present. Clothing should be free of wool, silk and leather. Instead look for cotton, flax, hemp or synthetic fibres like nylon and gore-tex®. Leather free shoes and belts for vegans are often difficult to find in regular stores […]