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Camping Dish

Gnocchi with Fava Beans, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Sweet Bell Pepper

Gnocchi with Fava Beans, Sundried Tomatoes and Sweet Bell Pepper

A lovely colorful meal and so tasty. It would be easy to make this for a Christmas meal as it is so red and green, but it tastes great any time of the year. We used this for a camping meal as it was so easy to make but we’re looking forward to enjoying it […]

Pumpkin and Apple Risotto with Tofu Pieces

Pumpkin and Apple Risotto with Tofu Pieces

This year we had a lot of good apples and many pumpkins in our garden. This recipe combines them both to a great meal. Servings: 4-6 Ingredients: 2 cups pumpkin, cut into bite sized chunks 2 cups apple cider or apple Juice 2 tbs. olive oil 1 onion, chopped 2 cups Arborio rice 3 apples, […]

Sweet-sour tempeh with zucchini


Sweet sour is always a favorite way of enjoying vegetables as well as temphe and tofu. This is one of our standard meals that we often enjoy. Serving Size: 4 Ingredients: 300-400 grams tempeh, cut in bite sized pieces 1 zucchini, cut in matchsticks 3 tbs. cornstarch 3 tbs. soy sauce 1/2 cup brown sugar […]

Sautéed Gnocchi Alla Fungi

Mmmmm that Mediterranean feeling! This meal is a real treat. Quick and easy to make and full of lovely flavors. Serving Size: 4 Ingredients: 1 pkg (500 grams) potato gnocchi 3 tbs. olive oil 250 grams small button chestnut champignons/button mushroom 100 grams spicy tofu pieces 200 grams cherry tomatoes, sliced in half chives, chopped […]

Orange Risotto with Tofu, Pumpkin and Apricot

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We have enjoyed mixing the flavors of fruit with vegetables for a few years now. This is one of our favorites especially during the fall and winter months when the bright yellows and oranges of the meal cheer up the often grey and wet days. Serving Size: 4 Ingredients: 150 grams tofu, cut in slices […]