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Earth Day Gardening


We are excited to start the new growing season to create lots of new recipes for Vegalicious. The earth has been made ready by removing weeds and tilling the soil. We do a form of double digging to help break up the clayish soil. On Earth Day, we were happy to see our pea plants […]

Vegalicious guest blog on Fennel and Fern

broad bean seedlings

Vegalicious teamed up with gardening blog Fennel and Fern and will provide monthly recipes to make the step from potager to plate easy and fun. Fennel and Fern provides fresh inspiration for gardeners through stylish photography, inspiration boards, profiles of real gardens and expert advice. The site wants to empower a new generation of gardeners […]

Pumpkins in August

Pumpkins from our garden

Last year we lost all of our pumpkins as the plants were all eaten up by hungry little beasts but this year it is going much better and Chris already harvested some pumpkins. I don’t remember seeing them this early. So it is about time to get our favorite pumpkin recipes out and work on […]

Vegalicious garden

Red chard

A garden with a website, a website with a garden. A lot of the ingredients of our recipes are coming directly from our organic allotment garden, which is a small bike ride away from our house. The allotment garden is 100 m2 (120 square yards) large and has a small hut. We are using in […]