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Recipe Ideas to make your Valentines Day Perfect


Breakfast Spicy rhubarb muffins Cinnamon Apple Biscuits Blueberry blini Raspberry lemon muffins Polenta waffles with mixed berry sauce Orange waffles with orange sauce Lunch California Rubin toasted sandwich Creamed tomatoes on toast Pea Bruschetta Appetizers and Soups Red Bell Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup Plum & tomato soup Spicy beet soup Spinach & Sundried Tomato […]

Tasty Vegan Holiday Recipes eBook


We happy to present a collection of 25 Vegalicious recipes bundled in 4 menus, especially selected for the holidays as free eBook for Club Vegalicious members and of course here on our Vegalicious site. To read ePub eBooks you will need a digital reader. There are now many such readers available with the most popular […]

Vegalicious Weekly newsletter

Vegalicious Weekly

We are happy to announce Vegalicious Weekly, our weekly newsletter with the latest recipes and news from Vegalicious, directly delivered to your inbox.

Happy Vegan New Year

We want to wish all of our visitors a very Happy New Year, full of kind compassionate and healthy meals that you and your families can enjoy. After indulging ourselves during the holiday season, we are looking forward to eating more light meals, that are also warming, as we are living here in the chilly […]

Updated feeds

I have updated our feeds today, which are now being powered by Feedburner. It should make it easier for you to receive our latest posts with your favorite news reader. Subscribe in a reader You can also subscribe to an email notification service, which will automatically inform you of new posts. Just scroll down a […]

Happy Birthday Chris

Birthday dinner

Vegalicious Chef de Cuisine Chris is celebrating her birthday today. I hope you enjoyed her recipes and great cooking as much as I did. It motivated me to create this site and take thousands of photos. For dinner we had one of our favorite meals, the gorgeous Sauteed Gnocchi Alla Fungi. Wishing her lots of […]

Welcome to Seitti

We are happy to welcome Elina Innanen aka Seitti from Finland on Vegalicious. Seitti started as a lacto-ovo vegetarian in 2000 and switched to veganism in 2002. Next to vegan cooking she has a passion for plants and takes great photos which you can admire on her Flickr page. Her first recipe is the fabulous […]

Creative Commons license

Creative Commons

We believe in sharing our recipes and decided to release the recipes (excluding the photos) on this blog with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. By doing so we follow the example of CreatiVegan and encourage you to do the same if you have a food blog or recipe site. You are free: to […]

Free vegan recipe bundle for new MacGourmet 2.0

MacGourmet 2.0

Notice: The recipe bundle is not free any longer but as Club Vegalicious member you still download the files. Today Advenio released the new 2.0 version of their recipe management software MacGourmet, which is only available for Mac OS X. For existing users the upgrade comes for free and otherwise the cost is $24.95. Think […]

New feature added: Printer friendly PDF export of recipes

PDF export

As of today you can save all recipes (in fact any post) as PDF file. This way you can archive the recipes on your computer and have them in a printer friendly format. I chose larger fonts, so that it will be easier to read when you are preparing one of these recipes in the […]


Welcome to Vegalicious, our new blog for vegans, vegetarians and those who are interested. With our recipes and information we want to show you how delicious, diverse and healthy a vegan lifestyle can be. People often think that being vegan means, that you have less choice and less pleasure, but the contrary is true. There […]