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Review: Ranger Walking Boots

Today I received my first pair of shoes from Ethical Wares in the UK. Ethical Wares is an ethically-based mail order company run by vegans who seek to trade in a manner which does not exploit animals, humans or the wider environment.

For many years I have been buying shoes from Vegetarian Shoes but now felt like a change and I liked the walking boots from Ethical Wares better. The Spider XT shoes from Vegetarian Shoes which I bought earlier this year have been great, but unfortunately they are not water proof. As you probably know, we live in the Netherlands, a country with cold and wet seasons, so I needed something which will keep me dry and warm. Originally I had ordered the Weald 2 Walking Boots but they were out of stock, so I upgraded to the Ranger Walking Boots.

Ranger Walking BootsRanger Walking Boots

Ranger Walking BootsRanger Walking Boots

This vegan walking boot has a one-piece upper, sewn-in bellows tongue, Hydro-tex water-resistant lining, nylon mid-sole, dual density Vibram sole.

My first impression is very good. The manufacturing quality is excellent, they feel very comfortable and are not too heavy. They are a bit pricy, but I think you get quality in return and I expect these shoes to carry me around for quiet a while.

BTW, if you are still looking for some great vegan Christmas presents, check out the Ethical Wares Christmas Shop.

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